/Fire Prevention/Out of the Box Fire Prevention
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“Fire prevention is just as important now as before the pandemic.
Since most firehouse visits are cancelled, why not hand out these important fire prevention tools to the children during your birthday parades and other outdoor functions?“
Is your fire department participating in drive by birthday parades? Have a special handout for the birthday child and any children along the way! A fun way to spread fire safety!
Many community lunch programs run all year long. Why not include a fire safety school kit, or other fun product with their lunches? It's a great way to keep fire safety in front of kids.
Not able to have your traditional annual town carnival or fair? Why not host a drive through carnival at the fire station or neighboring park? Bring the community together, maintain social distancing and still spread the message of fire safety!
Do you host a pancake breakfast or spaghetti dinner? No need to cancel, turn it into a drive thru event!
Are you unable to host your annual fire station open house? Why not turn it into an outdoor, drive through event? Put the trucks out for everyone to see, have a turnout gear display, and hand out items with important fire safety messages. It'll be an open house to remember!
Looking for a fun way to bring the community together while also promoting goodwill for the fire department? Host a communtiy drive in movie! Project a film on the side of the fire station or on an inflatable screen in a nearby parking lot.